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Administrative and Constitutional Law
Immigration Law
International Family Law

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Administrative and Constitutional Law
Immigration Law
International Family Law

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Altea Attorney


In keeping with their ethical obligations, and going a step further, the lawyers of the Altea partnership intend to maintain a policy of total transparency toward their clients, implying maximum predictability in terms of expenses and fees pricing.

The lawyers of the Altea law firm are committed to, insofar as possible, discussing in detail the financial implications of each phase of their client's case with them. Their line of conduct also calls for them to consistently take into account financial concerns, including the amount of their expenses and fees, when counselling their clients on a strategy.

The calculation method used for expenses and fees is based on the basic principles below.

Detailed calculation assumptions for expenses and fees for each case will be discussed with the client at the time the case is opened and their express approval will be required.

The billing structure and payment terms are also communicated at the time the case is opened.

It is strongly recommended for the client to check, before any contact with a lawyer, if they can benefit from the involvement of a third party payer, such as a legal protection insurance policy.

Very often, but mainly in immigration and family law cases, the formal opening of a case is not necessary and detailed advice may be provided during a consultation scheduled by appointment by contacting the secretary of the firm by phone or email. In this case, the consultation rate is given on first contact and before making the appointment. Depending on the case, this rate may be either:

  • a single rate for a consultation of around half an hour, on site at the lawyer’s offices;
  • or a single premium rate, payable in advance for an appointment by phone or via Skype lasting approximately half an hour;
  • or an hourly rate when the consultation is longer.



Altea brings together lawyers highly specialised in:

- Constitutional and administrative public law;

- Foreign nationals and private international family law.

The firm strives to be accessible.

Altea covers many intertwining areas but the firm’s lawyers all have an interest in defending human rights.


Boulevard Louis Schmidt 56, 1040 Etterbeek - Belgium

+32(0)2 894 45 70