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Administrative and Constitutional Law
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Driving licence lawyer

We often get questions about the recognition and exchange of a foreign driving licence. The issue is more a matter of driving rules than of immigration law. However, Altea can provide you with advice to steer you in the right direction and facilitate formalities.

The recognition rules for foreign driving licences in Belgium are completely different depending on whether the licence is a European or non-European one.

A valid driving licence from a European country is normally automatically legal in Belgium. The holder is allowed to drive in Belgium.

However, it is recommended that the holder of a driving licence from a European country register their driving licence when they register in Belgium. In addition, holders of a driving licence that is administratively valid for an unlimited period who have been registered in a Belgian municipality for two years, must exchange the licence for a Belgian driving licence.

Many rules also allow for the replacement in Belgium of a driving licence from a European country in the event that it is lost or stolen, on condition that the holder has their “normal residence” in Belgium.

The recognition rules applicable to non-European driving licences are more complex.

Non-European foreign driving licences are not automatically recognised in Belgium.

In order for a driving licence issued by a foreign country to be exchanged for a Belgian one, it must be recognised, valid, obtained before the person in question was registered in Belgium and authentic.

The exchange request must be made at the municipality where the person is registered. 

Altea offers advice by expert lawyers, adapted to your personal situation.

Contact Celine Verbrouck, lawyer specialising in immigration law and international private family law, certified by the Brussels Bar.


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