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Administrative and Constitutional Law
Immigration Law
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Administrative and Constitutional Law
Immigration Law
International Family Law

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Altea lawyers

Immigration office

When dealing with the Immigration Office in Belgium, the assistance of a specialist lawyer can often be useful.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of determining which procedure to follow, for example, when establishing whether an application for family reunification must be made from abroad or can be made on Belgian soil. Another frequent question, for example, is whether you can apply for regularisation and if it’s really worth it based on your personal situation. Or there’s even the question of determining the right time to apply for permanent residency.

A lawyer can also help you to understand the administrative practices involved, to check that your case file is complete, even if it has already been submitted, etc.

It is not always necessary to open a file with a lawyer for this type of situation. Just a simple consultation at a reasonable cost will provide useful guidance on understanding and applying the rules that govern any contact you may have with the Immigration Office.

However, appeals before the Conseil du Contentieux des Etrangers [Aliens Litigation Council] or the Council of State require the assistance of a lawyer specialising in immigration law, but they are not automatically the most appropriate solution when faced with a negative decision by the Immigration Office. It is important to analyse each situation on a case by case basis in order to find the most effective solution to your situation.

At the law firm, Altea, we always look out for our client’s best interests. Altea lawyers act in accordance with the ethics rules of their Bar association.

In such cases, being able to rely on the independence, integrity and competence of a specialist lawyer is invaluable. It could save you time and avoid unnecessary costs.

Altea offers advice by expert lawyers, adapted to your personal situation.

Contact Celine Verbrouck, lawyer specialising in immigration law and international private family law, certified by the Brussels Bar.

Justice et immigration


Altea brings together lawyers highly specialised in:

- Constitutional and administrative public law;

- Foreign nationals and private international family law.

The firm strives to be accessible.

Altea covers many intertwining areas but the firm’s lawyers all have an interest in defending human rights.


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